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Interview | Catherine Borissoff: “Collecting is a vocation”

Art Director of «RuArts» Gallery on Market, Collectors and Russian Photography

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Interview | Peter Bialobrzeski: “Style is a very fashionable term”

The critic Olga Bubich interviewed a leading documentary photographer Peter Bialobrzeski, who shared his views on distance and attachment also demonstrating at the example of his works the link that exists between art and photography.

Project | Yanina Boldyreva: Logbook

This project shows space surrounding me as the post-apocalyptic world. It has`t people, architecture, and only separate ruins which jut out of a ground indicate the past developments.

Project | Katrina Kepule: Sit Silently

The project portrays the signs of time in rites of subcultures surrounding the capital of Latvia and its outskirts.

Project | Konstantin Kornakov: Marking

The examination of “accidental” display of aesthetics codes as a result of continuous act of universal creation.

Project | Cig Harvey: Gardening at night

An intensely personal collection that captures an experience of the world that is at once otherworldly and yet instantly familiar.

Project | Anna Beeke: Sylvania

Sylvania explores both the imagined and the real-world magic of the forest, both its metaphoric and physical presence in contemporary society.

Project | Anne-Sophie Costenoble: The day after the rain

The day after the rain : It could be a fiction, a story kept in my heart of hearts or memory that bothers.

Article | Vee Speers and her manifesto of human self

Feodora Kaplan about the circle of life and carnival in the works of the famous Parisian

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