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Interview | David Burdeny: An underground sun of a bright future

Visiting Russia, Canadian photographer David Burdeny fell in love with Russian solidarity, discovered an underground sun in subway stations and saw a reminder about achievements of Russian culture in Hermitage docents. In the interview for Bleek Magazine, the artist answered conceptual, technical and just human questions about his work.

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Project | Yaniv Waissa: Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There

Photographer from Israel on the wound of the Holocaust as his personal, national and global history and a basis for the existence of the nation.

Project | Gabriella Sturchio: Green to Blue

Photographer from Portland (Maine) searching for harmony in delicate beauty of the world and her own traumatic experience of fragile corporeality.

Project | R. Wayne Parsons: Playing with bones

A New York City based photographer creates still lifes with bones and skulls, exploring the themes of life, death, and the relationship between the two.

Project | Sarah Knobel: Trash 2

American photographer Sarah Knobel for a month documented her daily waste packed in plastic bags, trying to identify our relationship with the beautiful and the repulsive.

Interview | Ann-Christin Bertrand: “Photography is Like a Toolbox. And it is Just Getting Bigger”

Ann-Christin Bertrand, a C/O Berlin curator, states that photography is no more about “having a print, framing it and putting it on the wall”. What is it then and how it will look in 10 years? Ann-Christin Bertrand answeres the questions of “Bleek Magazine” regular critic Olga Bubich.

Interview | Boris Eldagsen: For me, Creativity works like an Iceberg

German photographer told Ksenia Gerasimenko that he is not engaged in the documentation of reality, calls his works “poems”, uses a 50 € camera, and promised us that soon many will follow in his footsteps.

Topic | The Right to Cry, or the Image of Tears in Photography

Olga Bubich studies a number of projects made both by classics and contemporary photographers and attempts to outline functions and specific features crying has in each of them.

Direct speech | Veronica Fieiras: The Disappeared

Veronica Fieiras, a photographer from Argentina, about her book “The Disappeared” – the artist’s emotional statement about a cruel page in her country’s history, her pain and the recovery of lost memories of 30 000 dictatorship victims.

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