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Interview | Boris Eldagsen: For me, Creativity works like an Iceberg

German photographer told Ksenia Gerasimenko that he is not engaged in the documentation of reality, calls his works “poems”, uses a 50 € camera, and promised us that soon many will follow in his footsteps.

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Topic | The Right to Cry, or the Image of Tears in Photography

Olga Bubich studies a number of projects made both by classics and contemporary photographers and attempts to outline functions and specific features crying has in each of them.

Direct speech | Veronica Fieiras: The Disappeared

Veronica Fieiras, a photographer from Argentina, about her book “The Disappeared” – the artist’s emotional statement about a cruel page in her country’s history, her pain and the recovery of lost memories of 30 000 dictatorship victims.

Project | Tanya Shkirando: Russia in portraits

“We all are very different, but when looking at these pictures one understands that this is Russia of the beginning of the 21st century.”

Project | Ekaterina Vasilyeva: Chalk

The White Cliffs as a fortress built by Nature for herself.

Interview | Alec Soth: “Photography is a unique pursuit with its own mix of variables”

Olga Bubich managed to get in touch with the renowned master and story-teller and address him a few questions about his vision of contemporary photography.

Project | Sian Davey: Looking for Alice

An illustration of family life – all the tensions, joys and ups and downs that goes with the territory of being in a family.

Interview | Hellen van Meene: “In photography everything has already been done – but never by me!”

Olga Bubich talked to Hellen van Meene about the difficultues of shooting subjects from various cultural backgrounds, common features of portraiture in art and photography and the future that lies ahead of this genre.

Interview | Edo Bertoglio: “There was no difference between having fun and working”

Victoria Zhivotneva talked to the Swiss photographer and filmmaker about Andy Warhol, unforgettable atmosphere of New York in the late 70s – early 80s and the emotional connection between the artist and his models.

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