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Interview | Simon Norfolk: “Photography Has to Turn into a Moral Imperative”

Photography as passion, seduction and a moral imperative. Photography as an eco-system, hatred and an after-feeling of the unwritten play. Photography as a thing you cannot keep unsaid. Simon Norfolk talks to Olga Bubich for «Bleek Magazine», and the interview results in the most emotional long read aimed at those full of hatred and a need to take action.

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Project | The International Collaboration Project: The Playground Series

The innocent complexity of playground society in cinematic narrative photomontages.

Interview | Beauty, Rhythm, and Spontaneity – Pep Ventosa on Success in Photography

The author of the impressionist-looking dreamy images that take an intermediary position between paintings and photography, according to LUMAS, one of the most popular foreign photographers in Russia – Pep Ventosa shares his vision on commercial success in today’s art scene.

Project | Rick Schatzberg: Twenty Two North

Reinterpretation of places as improvisational music and incomplete evidence of fragmentary encounters.

Article | What Does Yury Gudkov Keep an Eye on?

Olga Bubich on directions of the photographer’s and his protagonist’s eyes and temptations of plain hashtags.

Interview | Saverio Repetto: «Collecting brings pleasure and joy»

Victoria Zhivotneva met with director of the gallery De Primi Fine Art in Switzerland and talked with him about the value of vintage photos, about different ways of collecting art, and about the element which defines an artwork.

Project | Julia Abzaltdinova: Spectator pass

Mirror curtain of Olympic Sochi.

Interview | Sean Lee: «Images Taken from the World Must Come Together to Form Worlds of Their Own»

Olga Bubich talks with a Singapore-based photographer Sean Lee – the author of the award-winning story about a female character Shauna in whose body the artist “lived” for 2 years exploring delicate relations between reality and fiction in photography.

Project | Sergey Poteryaev: IN

A young couple’s travel around the country and inside themselves.

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