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Project by: Renato Stockler.
Text by: Ksenia Gerasimenko.

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At the time the World Cup finals played at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo were being broadcast by 34 television cameras to the whole world, our eyes were instead on Renato Stockler’s photographs. The whole point of the Brazilian people’s love of football became clear: it is a love of the game on the red limestone playing fields which are far away from the glossy shine of the green field stadium, football clubs, money and media noise. Thin, subtle white lines, looking like childish chalk drawings from afar, show naivety and humanity. Their simplicity tells us much about the tradition of this game in Brazil.

These messy coloured squares, which dilute the monotony of the landscape, means a lot. It’s not just a place for a game, but one for meeting neighbours, friends and relatives. Football remains with them despite of any difficulties. Football is a way of communication and a rest. Renato knowingly have chosen the top shooting point – from there the playing field prevails on the rest of the composition, even when inscribed in rows of houses. Peoples come on the field and leave it, we see figures of players on it like on the chess board, but perspective makes them equal in our eyes: there are no stars, journalists and other participants of football spectacle. Here field is nobody’s land, a territory of freedom. However, last few years the areal of freedom narrows under pressure of real estate frauds.

Local authorities prefer to ingore the need of citizens in public spaces, where they could meet and do sports, it’s not just about football. And for now it remains for people to see how free spaces of Sao Paolo are built up tighter and tighter.

@ Ksenia Gerasimenko and Renato Stockler. Specially for Bleek Magazine

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