In November, a new book by Roger Ballen «The House Project» was published in co-authorship with the writer Didi Bozzini

«The House Project» (Oodee, 2015) is not the first collaboration of Roger Ballen with the Italian critic and curator. Didi Bozzini has also written a foreword to Ballen’s monograph «Asylum of the Birds» (Thames and Hudson, 2014).

Roger BallenRoger Ballen. Bennie, 2001. Courtesy Roger Ballen

«The House Project» is based on C.G. Jung’s metaphor of the human psyche as the house and the poetics of space of G. Bachelard, where the house is presented as a tool for analysis of the human soul.

Poetic and sensual, full of metaphors Bozzini’s text is divided into chapters in accordance with the English names of the house floors.

Following the text, Ballen’s photos, for the first time in his career, find themselves arranged in chapters too.

Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen. Good and Evil, 2009. Courtesy Roger Ballen

Although each following Ballen’s project seems to plunge the viewer deeper and deeper into now almost native depths of the author’s unconscious, «The House Project», covering several years of famous photographer’s artistic creation, is based on the principle of ascent – from the basement of the house to the attic, from darkness to light. However, the light here is in no haste to promise salvation. Spectral moonlight dissolves masks, disguising dwellers of Paradise, turning them into very old men with enormous wings and demons of dust.

The piece of literature and photographs incorporated under one cover, in no doubt, are of independent value, therefore the book naturally invites to reflect on the interaction of images and text. Whether the new book by Roger Ballen and Didi Bozzini is something more than the sum of its parts, each viewer and reader decides for oneself.

Roger Ballen. The cover image of “The House Project” book. Courtesy Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen & Didi Bozzini “The House Project”
108 pages, 43 photographs
25.5 x 32 cm
Hardcover, Photograph tipin
Oodee, 2015

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