Olga Bubich

Ольга БубичOlga Bubich
Art-critic, interviewer, photographer, lecturer.

Olga was born in Minsk and has been living there all her life. In 2002 she graduated with honours from Minsk State Lingustic University majoring in English and Italian, English and Italian literature. In 2003 at the same University she defended her Master’s thesis on Pedagogy. In 2001 Olga also studies culture and Italian at the “Universita’ per Stranieri” in Perugia (Italy) after having won a scholarship from the Italian Embassy in Minsk, Belarus.

For more than 10 years she has been working at the Department of the English Language and Speech Communication at the Belarussian State University. Among the disciplines she teaches are General English, English for Sociologists, English for Psychologists, English for Information and Communication Students and Photography in Visual Studies.

Olga studied theory and practice of photography at workshops conducted by Andrei Dubinin (Belarus), Alexei Nikishin (Russia) and Claudine Doury (France). Her series and single photographs have been exhibited in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Italy and the Netherlands. The photoproject “Inner City” was awarded the 3rd place in the International Festival ADNAK in 2011. The series «Alter Locus» got a special mentioning in the design contest “Postulate-2012”. The photography entitled «Anna’s Dreams» was a finalist at the gallery «Icon Prize» in the contest for the book cover picture of «Unfastened Heart» by Lane von Hertzen.

Analytical articles, photoseries and individual photographs, interviews and reviews on photo and cinema events have been published in Belarussian, Russian and Ukranian online resources  “ZНЯТА”, “pARTisan”, “DISCOVERMORE”, “MNENIA. RU”, “34mag.net”, “KALIDOR”, “IMBALANCE” and TUT.BY, аs well as in the magazines “ON AIR”, “pARTisan”, “Сапиенс”, “Большой”, “Я” and “Мастацства”. In 2013-2014  the translations of the poems composed by contemporary American, Italian and African poets have been made for the Belarussian magazine “Маладосць”. In 2013 her review on the Erik Stepanjan’s photobook “Lucas” was awarded the 3rd prize in the contest of reviews “Читая фотокнигу” (“Reading a Photobook”) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

In 2013 as an illustrator Olga was engaged into the publication of the set of essays on food and philosophy “incr(edible) stories” by a famous Belarussian writer Volha Hapeyeva, for which she created a series of conceptual photographs.

At the moment Olga is actively engaged in crtiticism and analysis of contemporary Belarussian photography, she curates exhibitions and regularly holds lectures on Photography in Visual Studies. Since 2014 she has been an active member of the team in charge for the organization of “Month of Photography in Minsk”.


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