Alex Ten Napel

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Alex Ten Napel: Hens and Roosters.

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Artist’s statement.

My art is to capture emotions and show them in photoportraits. My fascination for human existence is the cause I am a portraitphotographer. By catching emotions when they appear on the face I try to capture life and I seek to give it a face. In the same way I portray hens and roosters because I see them as living creatures with feelings aswell. I try to understand them and show them as individuals. In the portraits they tell the story of their lives, who they are and how they live. A good portrait has a soul and tells you who the individual is, human or animal. I try to make a portrait that acts as a mirror through which the spectator observes his own existence. I think that when I study the human or animal face I read the story of life that I want to tell you in a portrait.

© Images and text: Alex Ten Napel.

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