Andrey Belkov

Andrey Belkov: Russian Winter.

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Artist’s statement.

Civilized healthy urbanism of nowadays suffers an acute shortage of opportunities to see itself as it is seen by countryside, by nature. City is spoiled with self-admiration and self-praise. Being worthy of it the city should not swindle itself. Cold desolation and white shroud of doom – it is only expressive opportunity to draw the attention of a man to what nature pays for the growth of cities. The city has been always ahead of time, always has been and stays symbol of wealth even for those who owe their wealth to nature, not to the city.

When I see what life is loosing I always get the feeling of injustice and I have a keen sensation of how much more can and should be done. Wealth – is what you have managed to accumulate, and capital – is the wealth of the road, which enriches, when you go on it. With my vision of life I presume I can take part in that, to stop the destruction and the death, indifference and desolation.

© Andrey Belkov.

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