David Zimmerman

“Project” section.
David Zimmerman: Last Refuge.


Artist’s statement.

Piles of clothing stretching 20 feet across, in a remote desert landscape, became much more than simply weather beaten clothes. Pointless in its random ambivalence and creating a sense of foreboding, the pile was an inventory of human existence.

Then I met the man who lived beneath it. His meager shelter was a crudely hacked hole in the ground, roofed with tin and supported by an abandoned refrigerator. He scavenged for discarded clothing, using it as thatch for his roof in a futile effort to repel the scorching summer sun and to insulate against the frigid winter nights.

The visual disconnect of these common objects was an allegory for the marginalized homeless encampment in the remote desert; stripped of context, strangely juxtaposed on the harsh cracked earth with fading connection to the past and an inevitable future of disintegration.

© David Zimmerman.

Personal site: www.davidzimmerman.com

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