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Dimitri Bogachuk: City 21

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Artist’s statement.

The series “City 21” is semantically and visually opposite to “City 20”.

A plot of  “City 21” is not crystallized and just the contrary sometimes it is cluttered with spots and lines. This time I’ve refused from an usual laconic story in favor of a disordered reality. It is forthright, clear, but it looks more authentic than too much formal photographs. A reportage style of shooting made possible to avoid a subjective artistic interpretation of reality . “City 21” can be called documentary, but the light and the overall shape hint at a more figurative interpretation of the story.

It is increasingly difficult to find the author in these photos. But it does not bother me. The human brain is a slave of an obsessive artistic tradition and initially it has a lack of freedom of thinking. I, in my turn, wanted to get rid of this slavery and my previous ” art photography “, obeying just a shooting  of a scene.

My pictures are essentially provincial as I think. This is due both to myself and to the choice of a subject. In fact everything is provincial: the plant “Krivorozhstal”, the beach of the Black Sea, and the Eiffel Tower. Despite the fact that the photographs are included in the series, each of them is individual. But apparently, the reason for their similarity is a habitual manner of shooting which is difficult to get rid of.

Viewpoints were chosen so that the subject seemed to be little monumental but at the same time didn’t make the viewer a detached observer. The task was to portray what lies on the surface of everyday life and it is sometimes too straight to be a Photograph. But I was not discouraged and conversely, I think triviality is a noble theme, and it should not be neglected.

© Dimitri Bogachuk

Personal website: www.dimitribogachuk.com

Translation: Angelina Vorobyova.


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