Genevieve Caron

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Genevieve Caron: Portrait.

Artist’s statement.

My work presents a heightened, idealized reality, which is achieved through meticulous control, both on the set and in post-production.

Visual effects are subtle and integrated seamlessly, and my work’s spare compositions and restrained use of color invariably serve to direct attention where it belongs—namely, to the face at the center of the photograph. I choose to present human faces and forms with a minimum of clutter.

I believe in limiting the number of visual elements a picture needs in order to tell a story. Mine is a kind of minimalist portraiture that invites the viewer to engage by imagining what isn’t being said.

I use simple, painterly aesthetics to reveal the essence of my subjects slowly, whether the context is commissioned work, or more fine arts-oriented projects. My work invites for contemplation.

To offer some technical specifics, I rely on Broncolor lighting equipment for extra precision, and favor the largest digital back available in order to give my images both their rich detail and their alluring sense of proximity and psychological intimacy to the subject.

© Genevieve Caron.

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