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Kirill Surov: “After the Birth”


Artist’s statement

The main idea of the series is in its title. It is an answer to the question that billions of parents have asked themselves at least few times – is there a life after the birth? It is like a question on a test of time and to get an answer one has to become an adult.

Thousands of children are born every day but for any parent this event is special and unforgettable. Looking back I recall many happy and sad moments, but they are precious all the same. And while it is very hard to be a parent I would not exchange this period of my life with any other. To me the most important thing was not to loose myself in the whirlpool of daily routine and to remain open and receptive and curious about surrounding world. It was important to raise to the new level and to find joy in ephemeral moments time.

This series is about joys of my new life.


© Kirill Surov

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