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Project | Konstantin Kornakov: Marking

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Anna Azarnova, gallerist, curator, collector, founder of “Follow Art!” project and “Azarnova Gallery & Projects”:

Works of Konstantin Kornakov immediately capture the mind; at least, that has happened to me. The grounds of his exploration of the world do not assume any possible ugliness or even unsightliness of it. «The impossibility of beauty absence» – he says. According to him, our cultural and aesthetic codes and frames, acquired by humanity during the process of its cultural and artistic development, prevent us from seeing harmony in any fragment of reality. The 20th century has broken many barriers and radically expanded the boundaries of our notion of art and beauty. As if following this trend, Konstantin Kornakov is interested in accidental, sometimes artificial and sometimes natural «surfaces» of environment, finding and revealing paintings, sculptures and fine graphics, created by someone unknown or virtually no one.

Yet, looking at this anonymous works of art, extracted by him out of the vast museum of our surrounding reality, one involuntary observes another aspect of those very aesthetic codes: is the selection of palette so accidental; who directed the hand of an anonymous painter; what is the source of an ideal composition? Is a human being initially endowed by God, nature and previous generations with a precious sense of harmony, proportion and color, regardless of education or nationality, most often not being aware of it? Or (another side!) can only the artist’s vision, due to his acquaintance with the cultural codes and ability to break them, grasp, isolate and fix a painting worthy of an outstanding abstractionist, out of a piece of wall or a paved lane?

© Text: Anna Azarnova. Images: Konstantin Kornakov.

Artist’s website: Konstantin Kornakov Photography

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