Patrick Taberna

Project | Patrick Taberna: Le goût des mandarines

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Sometimes, memories are linked with five senses.

And it is sometimes strange. For me, it would be a sound.

Sometimes it is linked with a taste, sometimes with a scent. In Japan, people say about love, « taste like a lemon », so there might be a pathway in the human memory to be brought back to the facts by the five senses.


The clarity of the memories are usually mentioned by the strength of the fact will be reminded more vividly.

And for most of the times, those senses lead to me to a feeling what I have felt at the scenery.

Taste of mandarin reminds me of my families and it is always. Mothers hands of peeling mandarin, red cover for a kotatsu and a stained news paper by a mandarin juice. And I am always discouraged by something, maybe disappointed love.

Taste of mandarin is linked with an adolescent memory of its sweet and sour taste.

Patrick’s Le goût des mandarines is a taste of his memories.

© Images: Patrick Taberna, text: Takeki Sugiyama.

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