Paulette Tavormina

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Paulette Tavormina: Botanicals.

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‘Botanicals’ takes a traditional genre and flips it on its head. Popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, botanical illustrations aided in the differentiation of species before a codified set of terms had been established. At first glance, Tavormina’s images appear to be deconstructed still lives. Her ideal floral specimens favor whimsy — a wandering caterpillar, a lone petal — over perfection. Where she once directed the viewer’s eye, she is now dispersing with a a central focus and playfully pulling our attention to the edges of the image.

“These are all my favorite flowers, in all stages of life,” says Tavormina. “They represent my childhood, my memories.” In her quiet, beautiful way, Tavormina reminds us that winter’s root vegetables and summer’s roses can flourish side-by-side — that the seasons have given way to age and time.


Images © Paulette Tavormina, courtesy the artist and Robert Klein Gallery, Boston.

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