Sander Meisner


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Sander Meisner: Geometry of Nowhere.


“Geometry of nowhere” is part of an ongoing exploration of public spaces, places that are elevated from the mundane to the beautiful. Concrete reminds of a world that is overshadowed by urban sprawl and invasive industrial wastelands. These are photographs of the landscape of our dystopian present. A world that’s devoid of the natural world, is the antithesis of beauty, wonder and enchantment. Yet within these melancholic cityscapes abstract beauty can be found in the light falling against clean geometric forms.

The car parks, buildings and walls infused with a quality that reflects our own emotional relationship to the world around us. It is a portrait of the forgotten. The unwanted, the ignored. Perhaps we choose to forget these monolithic structures because they are without personality, but, if you refuse to accept this generality, there is wonder in light, in the abstract geometry of an empty passageway, a wall of bricks, an industrial wasteland. Geometry of nowhere deals with themes and ideas considering public space, abstraction, transformation, change, transition, utopia and dystopia. It introduces us to everyday places in a new way, and asks that we take a closer look, demands that we reconsider our relationship with our environment.

Text by Moray Mair.

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