SATO Shintaro (Sato – family name, Shintaro – given name), born in 1969. Tokyo, Japan. After working for Kyodo News as a staff photographer, Mr. Sato became freelance from 2002. His main theme is Tokyo cityscapes especially at night. He was awarded The HAYASHI Tadahiko award for “Risen in The East” in 2012, The New Comer’s Award of the Photographic Society of Japan for “Tokyo Twilight Zone” in 2009.[spacer style=”1″ icon=”128247″ color=”333333″ iconcolor=”333333″]

Tokyo possesses a distinctive atmosphere arising from a number of things including a long history of the city, the memory of natural disasters and war.

“Tokyo Twilight Zone” was my attempt to capture this unique atmosphere – its genius loci, so to speak.

I chose fire escapes to take photographs. Since Nadar succeeded in taking pictures of Paris from a balloon in the 19th century, many photographers have taken aerial photos to show cities. The view from a fire escape is different from those aerial photographs. That vantage point is not too high and not too low, so I can see the characteristics of the place more precisely, feel the atmosphere of the city more closely and get a vast view of the city at the same time.

Viewed from a little above, via these fire escapes, city streets and structures create strongly beautiful configurations that aren’t noticeable from ground level. I am moved by this unconscious power-the raw power that issues from a history of the city and the feature of the place itself. And in the twilight hours before night falls, this specific atmosphere becomes a subtle transition of light, revealing its spirit even more clearly.

© Sato Shintaro

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