Vladimir Volga

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Vladimir Volga: Norilsk.

Artist’s Statement.

Norilsk is the world’s northernmost city with a population of about 175 000 people and one of the most polluted cities in the world as well. All this is due to the presence of a large mining and processing complex.

The construction of Norilsk was begun in 1935 by prisoners of Gulag. Nowadays it is a modern city with all essential infrastructure. Nevertheless, the architecture of the northern city has its specifics that evoke an unusual atmosphere.

My acquaintance with Norilsk began in summer of the remote 1973, when our family moved to this city. Despite the fact that we lived there for only seven years, my childhood, spent in Norilsk, has been imprinted in my memory for a lifetime. Winters of this city still stick in my mind – long, dark, cold and windy. I also remember swift springs and short cool summers, when past winter’s snow sometimes even did not have time to melt.

I happened to visit Norilsk again only 34 years later, far from being a child.

© Vladimir Volga.

Translation: Darya Kuznetsova.

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