Yevgeny Nakonechnyy: Breakfast

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Artist’s statement

Harmony, simplicity, minimalism – that’s the short way to describe the Breakfast series. The impulse for creating the series was an idea to shoot a traditional Russian breakfast – eggs –  in an unusual way. As Russia is associated with endless forests and snow, I only had to find the right composition of all the elements. Series is divided in two parts: the first one illustrates kitchen objects, the second one was  inspired by Japanese hieroglyphs. It would seem that the natural habitual product is shown – eggs, branches, snow. But I’ve asked myself if it’s really just that? The snow can be artificial, trees can be fertilized and stimulated, and conditions of life of birds even is not necessary to write. After a while the series has got developed and became the base for the project devoted to the problem of consumption in the modern world.

Modern person gets all the facilities for a comfortable and careless life. New technologies let us to create everything, in any amount and quality. But is it always beneficial? Do we notice what we use? Can we insist that we are using ecologically safe product, and that it doesn’t include pesticides, and it didn’t get any additional treatment, or any other chemicals, created for providing the product in it’s best form?

City rhythm doesn’t always let us eat healthy food. There are lot’s of supermarkets with stale food, restaurants, bakeries, fast-food shops on every corner. But our state of health is influenced a lot by what we eat, not to mention the consequences of such production, which pollutes rivers, sea, land and groundwater. Far not everyone is able to afford to get biologically pure product, all the more so to grow up and ensure due care for it. Hard to imagine the typical city dweller “extracting” livelihood by by himself, without the enterprises participation.

I’d like to draw attention to this problem involving visual language. One project or one person can not change the global attitude to food and production, but the problem is posed and the questions are asked.

© Yevgeny Nakonechnyy

Personal website: www.yevgenynakonechnyy.com

Translation: Ksenia Gerasimenko, Ksenia Klimanova

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