‘PROJECT’ presents a series of photographs, conceptually and visually united, and its author’s statement.

‘INTERVIEW’ is an interview about photography or the art market with remarkable people: photographers, gallery owners, critics, curators, collectors, publishers. How did this or that project appear? Who buys contemporary photography? How to find your gallery? How to create an exhibition? How much does a picture cost? What are the critics’ tastes? Interview is a unique opportunity to get answers to the questions about photography from professionals from all over the world.

‘STORY’ combines the stories told by photographers, gallery owners, curators about the process of creation of various projects. From an idea up to the exhibition opening.

‘EPISODE’ presents curious and funny and sometimes frightening and dangerous little episodes from the shooting.

‘ARTICLE’ is a professional view on photography from the outside shared by art historians, curators and critics.

‘EVENT’ contains announcements of interesting photo exhibitions and other events.