Bleek Magazine is an online magazine devoted to art photography. It is a new platform that represents photographers from all over the world without national, geographic, economic, gender or any other limits. Carefully selecting materials, we choose only those projects which, in our opinion, combine visual and conceptual value.

Bleek Magazine is a mobile, user-friendly and accessible information portal. Our aim is to promote contemporary art-photography among a wider audience. We are trying to maintain a balance between the publication of images and interesting text materials about photography, written in accessible language.

Bleek Magazine is complex made simple. It combines materials about famous photographers and curious newcomers. It is an opportunity to learn from the inside secrets of creating exhibitions, projects, as well as stories from the shooting. It presents interviews with important figures of the art market: gallery owners, collectors, curators, critics.

Bleek Magazine is fully adapted for reading and viewing on any device: a desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone.

Bleek Magazine is bilingual: English and Russian.